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Vanessa Shutiak
Amazing experience Review of Dayna Meier R.Ac, TCMD, FABORM Acupuncture has changed my life completely. I originally booked my first appointment because I had exhausted all options to help ease headaches, and over the last year of receiving treatments, not only has it helped drastically with my headaches, but I've learnt a lot about my body overall. I was also introduced to cupping which is incredible. I greatly recommend Dayna to anyone I come across and will continue treatments for myself!
Acupuncture for ivf Review of Dayna Meier R.Ac, TCMD, FABORM I started seeing Dayna prior to our ivf cycle. Because Dayna maximized our chances of success we had a successful first time ivf cycle with 22 eggs retrieved with 14 fertilizing. It also resulted in a completely healthy pregnancy and we now have a 15 month old daughter. Thanks Dayna for everything you've done in our fertility journey!
Jennifer Jungwirth
Skeptical at First... Review of Dayna Meier R.Ac, TCMD, FABORM I met Dayna in August 2013 after researching acupuncture for fertility. I was skeptical at first that having needles stuck in me would result in me getting pregnant. Our first meeting we went through a ton of health related questions. Dayna was very professional and made me think more consciously about what I was doing and putting into my body and how that could relate to fertility. I left feeling ready to try a bunch of new things and feeling very confident. I met with Dayna weekly, not only for acupuncture treatments but for what I called my therapy sessions. She was always there to listen to me vent, answer my questions, and give me motivation when I needed it. I found my sessions with Dayna to be very relaxing . I'd fall asleep every single time and leave feeling rejuvenated. I continued my treatments with Dayna, and in April 2014 found out that I was expecting. It was a no brainer to keep my sessions with Dayna during my pregnancy and hire her to be our Doula as well. Throughout my time knowing Dayna I have had nothing but respect for her as a thearpist and have sung her praises to everyone I know. I hate needles but she created an environment that I felt comfortable and relaxed. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone who was looking for an exceptional acupuncturist.
Acupuncture and Chronic Illness Review of Dayna Meier R.Ac, TCMD, FABORM I am a new client of Dayna's and I am so happy I found her! Dayna is wonderful and I highly recommend her! I have lived with a chronic illness for 10 years and have been through quite the journey to regain my health. My Naturopathic Physician recommended Acupuncture to me in support of my treatment protocol. After my first session with Dayna I felt more relaxed and peaceful than I can remember in a very long time. My sense of well being greatly improved along with my energy levels. I noticed a definite improvement in my pain levels and the circulation issues I was experiencing. It was just an amazing experience! Dayna is very gentle and comforting and makes you feel at ease. Also, she is very knowledgeable and a wealth of great advice and information. Thank you Dayna!
Cathy Knowles
Peaceful Experience I have just completed my 4 th acupuncture treatment with Dayna. I have arthritis in my lower lumbar region and after the first treatment I felt relief. I do many things to deal with the pain in my lower back, and now treatments with Dayna will be another. Her methods and manner of treatment are knowledgeable and peaceful. She is very direct and caring. Finding Dayna was a blessing!
Acupuncture Love this place. Very relaxing when you walk in. There is a sign at the front when you walk in that says "take a breath and ground yourself" whether you do this or not after you leave you feel this way. Dayna is an excellent acupuncturist with a very professional yet approachable manner. When I leave broadway health collective either after accupuncture or a massage I always feel amazing. I credit these people with my release of stress and anxiety and credit them with my progress of being a better me. Highly recommend
Paige I came to see Paige and I was just not feeling that great. For me, it took quite a few acupuncture/qua sha/cupping treatments but now I am at a point where I only see her every two weeks. Paige is very professional and compassionate about what I am going through. The alternative to acupuncture would be pills if I went to see my doctor and I really love that acupuncture works for me. I can't thank Paige enough for everything she does - she is amazing at what she does!
Parissa Z
Amazing Review of Patricia Cruz Patricia's treatments are so helpful, as she is so intuitive and her methods are so much gentler, yet effective. Thank you!
Nikita King
Fertility Review of Dayna Meier R.Ac, TCMD, FABORM After being on the birth control pill for so many years, my cycle has been very irregular the past year which is hard as I am trying to get pregnant. I have been seeing Dayna for about 4 months now and my cycle has been regular, less awful symptoms, and I feel like I am on the right path to put my body back in balance for pregnancy someday. Dayna is so educated, friendly, and takes the time to answer any of my questions! I highly recommend her to any woman I know!
Highly Satisfied My first visit and treatment with Dayna Meier was very satisfactory nd she has a good knowledge of what she is doing.She was very attentive and answered my questions like a pro that she is.I highly recommend her.
skeptic turned believer I first saw Dayna in 2014 in the hopes of finding some relief from chronic digestive disease and menopause symptoms. I was skeptical that acupuncture would work, but was frustrated with the way my family physician wanted to micro-manage my body with hormone treatments and just decided to try this. I found Dayna to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. She takes the time to really listen and offers advice and suggestions without being pushy or judgemental. After having treatments I was happily surprised to find that I did indeed have improvement in all aspects of my health - physical and mental, and a hugely improved sense of wellbeing. The sessions are always relaxing and grounding and acupuncture will continue to be a regular part of my healthcare protocol.
Jennifer F
Thoughtful Individualized Treatment Patricia performs a thorough consult and develops unique plan for each of my treatments. She ensures I understand what she is doing and the reason for it. I am always left with techniques to work on at home to improve function. This was especially helpful with the scar tissue release she performed on my cesarian section scar. My goals of a flat scar and subsequent vaginal birth after cesarian (VBAC) was achieved. I appreciate the active/functional approach she uses in her massage sessions.
Went for IVF support now I am a mother of a five month old I started seeing Dayna in 2013 getting ready for my IVF having heard that acupuncture was a helpful supportive treatment. I have PCOS and had had two previous miscarriages. Dayna was/is amazing. She listened more than any of my Western doctors ever did and she made me feel relaxed. When I did get pregnant I was scared because of the previous pregnancies but seeing her every week in tyne beginning really helped. I continued to go to Dayna throughout the whole pregnancy, most often in the first and third trimester. She was very knowledgable and reassuring. Due to my age I am going back for IVF only six months after my first was born to hopefully conceive a sibling for my daughter. I added Dayna to my plans as soon as I knew some dates.
Kerry Cook
My Saviour Review of Pam Fichtner RMT Fighting breast cancer is a scary thing. When the treatments are done, you feel like you are alone. I am so lucky and thankful to have found Pam. She has done wonders for my 'cording' issue that resulted from mastectomy and lymph node removal. Her combined treatments are not just relaxing they are vital to my recovery.
Victoria Z.
Totally worth it! Review of Paige Wyatt R.Ac I would highly recommend Paige. I came to her to treat anxiety and issues related to that. Although the cause of my anxiety was lying some place else, and it wasn't completely fixed until I changed those things. Nevertheless, after each treatment I felt better and better. On top of fixing my anxiety, Paige also helped me with my irritability and anger issues (something I just assumed were part of my character) to the point that I feel like a renewed, better person now. Thank you, Paige!
Kathy E
Cup Massage As a fairly regular patient of Patricia's I am always open to new things. Lately my favorite has become the "cup massage". It's a deep tissue massage that leaves me feeling so good afterwards. You'll never know how good unless you try it!
Kathy R
Thank you Patricia! I would like to thank Patricia for her wonderful treatments that gave me some much needed relief. As a chronic pain sufferer, I have tried many different kinds of treatments from various massage therapists. After 3 treatments last week with Patricia I feel better and have hope that she can continue to help me cope with my condition. She is obviously gifted with her healing touch, her gentle personality and great sense of humour. I feel blessed to have found her!
Patricia I love going to see Patricia! She knows what she is doing, I always feel better after I see her, and I feel very comfortable with her! Highly recommend her to everyone.
Pain no more! Review of Allyssa de Bruijn A while ago I developed shingles that was accompanied by some awful enlarged, swollen lymph nodes which was incredibly painful! I was told by the doctor the shingles should be gone in a week by that the lymph node pain could be there for up to 6 weeks. After a few treatments with Allyssa within a week both the shingles and the lymph node pain were gone! :)
April Hopkins
chronic back pain Review of Allyssa de Bruijn I have seen other acupuncturists in the past. I decided to try Sage Earth honestly because I could book online. I saw Alyssa for a treatment on my back due to pain. I had a staph infection eat through 2 vertebrates and then hit my spinal cord, leaving me paralyzed on Mar 12th 2014. I did learn how to walk, sit and stand through rehab but a year later I was still in immense pain and couldn't get off the hydro-morph. After my first treatment I had to go on a flight to Toronto for meetings. I forgot my hydro-morph at home. My first day home, I had my second appointment. At this appointment, we also worked on my legs which have been numb since I have been able to walk again. Think pins & needles feeling x20. 
Alyssa has helped with the pain as well as the numbness. I am regaining feeling in my feet and legs as well I have not had to go back on the hydro-morph.
I am so thankful for Alyssa and I am only on my 2nd treatment. I can't wait to see what amazing things will happen in the future.
Thank you!
April Hopkins